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Moving to Reigate from US - schools advice please

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wawawoo142 Thu 15-Dec-16 23:37:26

hi there, we are probably going to be moving to Reigate in the next year. we are currently living in the US (but we are Brits) and our kids are in local public school here. our school follows the IB curriculum and it's really great. but am concerned that kids will be slightly behind their peers in English system, particularly in maths maybe. currently equivalent to year 2 and year 4. my kids are pretty smart so will catch up over the course of the first year, but if there's anything i could be doing now to get them caught up, it would make it easier for them.

wondering if anyone has been through this or knows about the two systems?

also, what are the chances of getting into local state primary school in reigate mid-year? obviously we don't have an address yet so not really in a position to actually apply for schools, but already this is my main concern.

we may well opt for private schools just to make it as easy for the kids as possible and give them the best chance of success (we might have to rent for the first year or two so could easily move into a new school zone later and don't want to have to change school again). are they easier to get into without applying months/years in advance??


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