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yogaminty21 Tue 13-Dec-16 10:29:16


My husband and I are considering a move to Llangefni from Cheshire and I would love to speak with any local mums to get the low down on the area. We are in our 40's with an 18 year old who is at Bangor University.

Thank you/diolch.

Scotsgirl64 Tue 13-Dec-16 23:00:27

I live 2 miles outside Bangor, have 3 dcs, youngest in 6th form at Friars School in Bangor, older 2 dds at uni in Manchester and Edinburgh. lived in are for 20 yrs....Angelsey is a lovely island but short on the job front unless you work in education (local schools or Bangor Uni) or NHS .
although lots of touristy places it can be pretty quiet in the Winter ( which is great!!)
Main train line takes you to London in just over 31/2 hrs and A55 is main road in area
Will you be living in Llangefni?... Local market town, small slelection of shops but decent enough for day to day shopping, otherwise you need to go to Bangor or Llandudno

yogaminty21 Wed 14-Dec-16 10:44:22

Hi Scotsgirl64,

Many thanks for your kind reply, very helpful.

I am half-Welsh and used to spend a lot of time in Penmaenmawr with my aunt and uncle when I was young and I have a cousin in Dwygyfylchi although I've not seen him in many years. I crave the peace and quiet of Anglesey and we have visited Llangefni and it seemed a good compromise, near to shops and services but still in a rural area. We wish to set up a dog walking business and wonder if this would be viable on such a quiet island, it is big business where we are now but I crave a complete change? Also, we know Llangefni has the highest proportion of Welsh language speakers in Wales and wonder whether we would be at a disadvantage not speaking the language (although I am willing to learn) and would the locals be averse to an English couple trying to promote their business?

I am assuming you are Scottish? Did the locals welcome you and your family when you arrived and do you now speak Welsh? I worry that as an older couple, without young children, it would be more difficult to make new friends, youngsters are a great ice-breaker!!

Any thoughts you have would be most gratefully received.

Thank you/diolch!

Scotsgirl64 Wed 14-Dec-16 19:15:44

If you're thinking of a dog walking business, it may be better to look at somewhere closer to Menai bridge/ Llandegfan/Beaumaris ( or Bangor itself?)maybe....reason being that more people who live here work at Uni or hospital and would maybe welcome such a service
Llangefni is very Welsh and wouldn't be first place id think of living if moving to area...majority of people there are born and bred, not so many incomers, although countryside roundabout Llangefni is beautiful and there are some lovely houses....depends on your budget!
I can understand a fair bit of Welsh, although not so good at speaking it! ( all 3 dcs went to local Welsh/Church school) and was made to feel very welcome when I moved here - I'm a nurse, so maybe that also helps!!grin
I'd love to have a dog, but as I work it's not possible at the moment, however a dog walking service would be great!!
Good luck with the venture and move to the area...we're thinking of downsizing when dcs all left home and would be looking at Menai bridge/ Beaumaris area...Bangor Uni runs some courses for 'the more mature' person...(university of the 3rd age!!)

pinkblink Wed 14-Dec-16 19:23:51

Having lived in Anglesey, Llangefni would not be my first (or tenth!!) choice hmm

yogaminty21 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:59:33

Many thanks Scotsgirl64 for the invaluable information, it's certainly given us a lot of food for thought and as pinkblink confirms, maybe Llangefni would not be the place for us so we'll start looking at Menai Bridge/Llandegfan/Beaumaris as you recommend. University of the 3rd Age sounds a great way to meet like minded people. Thanks again.

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