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Christmas gifts - nursery and school teachers

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LightHouser Tue 13-Dec-16 09:28:43

What's the norm for this, do you mind me asking what you do for nursery staff and teachers at Christmas time?

I have a toddler in for a couple of days in a nursery, just for the last couple of months. The staff change a bit through the rooms but there is one constant key worker.

I'd like to get something as a Christmas thank you, but don't want it to be a wasted gift, ie chocs if someone is dieting, vegan, doesn't like them; a bottle of wine when I don't know if they like red, pink, white or don't like wine or booze at all; smellies I think are a weird gift to buy, too personal.

So I really don't know and I'm stumped!

I do chat a bit while I'm in the nursery, but not enough to know what would be a lovely gift. So I suppose that means I'm looking for something generic, yet unique and interesting, which is probably asking for the moon on a stick. Maybe generic and nice will do.

Help. Please.

moreCyclingMoreCake Tue 13-Dec-16 11:42:00

I was thinking of a pair of Christmas socks and those lindt mini packs with reindeer and Santa. It's just a token to say thanks and I figured everyone needs socks...

Mahoolie Tue 13-Dec-16 13:44:12

For the past few years I've always bought a nice tree decoration.

I'll never know if it's gone down well or not but I like to think it's less likely to be binned/go out of date/given to someone else grin

WhyNotSmile Tue 13-Dec-16 20:03:36

DH is a teacher, and his favourite presents are vouchers for coffee shops! Something like a £5 voucher means he can take himself out for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake and relax. He absolutely doesn't expect any presents, though, and is always thankful to have been thought of by the children.

Things that he gets too many of (to be honest, these tend to go straight to the charity shop, as he gets so many and we just don't have room for them): mugs, socks, ties, scarves etc.

Personalised things are also a bit difficult, as again, were don't really have room for them, but he can't really give them to the charity shop either.

Chocolates are always nice for me, and candles go down well too.

Random things he's received: pyjamas (felt a bit too personal), 6-pack of beer (child came in and just plonked it on the desk, unwrapped and with no ceremony!), and a picture frame with one of those Scrabble crossword things and pictures inside, but all relating to the girl who had given it to him... It was just a bit weird!

LightHouser Wed 14-Dec-16 00:11:34

Ah brilliant suggestions, thank you all!

A Christmas tree decoration and a bit of Lindt may be the way to go!

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