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Which house in Kings Heath?

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Londontobrum Sat 10-Dec-16 19:15:57

Hello, and thanks in advance for any help!
I am trying to choose between two houses to rent in Kings Heath, we are a family of four moving from London and will be applying for schools asap.
One is very close to Kings Heath Primary, I have heard this is 'hippyish' but am not sure what this means, any idea? I like the location as it's near amenities which appeals since I am used to this where we live now.
The other is in the catchment area of Colmore and Woodthorpe which are both Ofsted outstanding, it's also a nicer house on a quieter road but further from shops etc.
Any local wisdom to impart please?
Unfortunately we do not have any opportunity to visit the schools.
Thank you!

SandyFeet177 Sat 10-Dec-16 19:39:17

I live a couple of miles from Kings Heath, a nicer house on a quieter road sounds better. It is a true high street, Kings Heath - a big road with lots of shops on. It's gone down hill a bit over the past decade or so, but that's the case with many old fashioned high streets I think, now the big supermarkets are taking over. I don't know a lot about the schools, my kids are in their teens, I was told Colmore was a decent school, but that was about 14 years ago.

KingsHeathen Sat 10-Dec-16 19:40:05

Yeah, KH is a bit hippyish!grin
Colmore is regarded as more academic. Woodthorpe not so much, and it's much smaller, which is preferable to some. Can you say which roads? Feel free to pm.

KingsHeathen Sat 10-Dec-16 19:41:45

Colmore is a four form intake, KH is three, Woodthorpe was one... might be two now, not sure of PAN. There's Wheelers Lane too, which is three form.

PrincessPurple Sun 11-Dec-16 11:04:16

Can you get places at all of them? Knowing the schools a little I would be surprised...

tiredanddangerous Sun 11-Dec-16 13:23:29

Have you contacted the schools to ask what the waiting list is like? You might need to base your move around whichever one gives you more chance of a space coming up!

Londontobrum Sun 11-Dec-16 15:01:27

We are applying for reception and will be moving just in time to apply, so should be ok although I know there are no guarantees.

tiredanddangerous Sun 11-Dec-16 16:48:03

Ah I see...that makes sense! I don't know why I was assuming you had older children who would need school places.

I have friends with children at both Wheelers Land and Colmore who are very happy with the schools.

PrincessPurple Sun 11-Dec-16 22:07:16

In which case, people I know in KH have a vague preference for Colmore over KH Primary and have chosen where to live based on that.

ouchmyfanjo Sun 11-Dec-16 22:33:32

I used to live very close to where you must be looking. We were in catchment for both wood thoroughly and colmore. I would say it was a nice part of kh to be in. A little way out but still probably a walk in, walk to park, cocksmoors etc. Colmore is by far the most popular school. People move house to get into it, though I personally didn't cluck with it. Good luck.

ouchmyfanjo Sun 11-Dec-16 22:33:55

Click grin

KingsHeathen Sun 11-Dec-16 23:24:30

I know they had ducks in the outdoor playground, but didn't see hens! wink

GreenGoth89 Sun 11-Dec-16 23:34:01

Woodthorpe is a fantastic school - really lovely atmosphere and far more child centred than crowd control at the 4 form entry colmore. You get much more house this end, there's also a bit more space and there a Tesco metro less than 5 mins walk. The high street is only 15 mins walk, or a v short bus ride. Parking is always an issue nearer to the high street on all the residential streets.

Runningbutnotscared Wed 14-Dec-16 12:42:22

I can't advise you but can tell you that we have just bought in Kings Heath and went for the house that gave the colemore / woodthorpe choice.
Hope it's the right one!

DrXandsNewDate Wed 14-Dec-16 21:13:23

My children go to Kings Heath Primary and love it. It's a great school. Surprised to hear it described as "hippyish" - if not having a uniform makes it "hippyish" then perhaps it is, but otherwise it doesn't seem any different to any other primary school to me. And I am possibly the least "hippyish" person you are likely to meet grin. By living at that end of Kings Heath you can access both Kings Heath and Moseley on foot which is a big advantage in terms of amenities.

Peanutbutterfingers Wed 14-Dec-16 22:17:34

Agree Woodthorpe is excellent school but beware catchment is very small as it is 1 form entry In Family area, Colmore and Kings Heath are also good schools.
Parking a nightmare near High Street, much better to live 10 mins walk away

GreenGoth89 Wed 14-Dec-16 22:28:14

Catchment for current reception was roughly around 600 meters for woodthorpe this year.

bright0402 Tue 08-Jan-19 23:02:23

Hi. Which school did your child go finally and how has it been please?

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