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Need advice on schools in Farnham

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pollyanna34 Fri 09-Dec-16 09:30:05

Hi ladies. I am new to the area so need some advice. I have to put down 4 options for placements for reception year next year. I am quite indecisive about the options though. I have 3 options I'm happy to put down, but then I need to choose between Highfield South Farnham or St Andrews C of E. Please could you give me opinions. I wasn't sure if Highfields was the right fit for my girl, but the concern with St Andrews is that it is only an infant school. Would it be too disruptive for her to move to a new school at year 3 or do most of the kids go to the same school (e.g. South Farnham). I would hate for her to have to give up good friends that she has made. Also do I need proof of Baptism to be admitted to St Andrews? Thanks in advance!

julia43 Tue 27-Dec-16 11:37:06

Hi - St Andrews used to feed into South Farnham, but I think that might have changed recently. You need to check South Farnham's admissions policy for next year. It is a little disruptive to move schools from infant to junior, yes, but there are those who say that children who have made that move then find the move to secondary school easier.

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