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Moving to norfolk

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user1481096129 Wed 07-Dec-16 20:31:07

Hello looking to move to Middleton or runcton Holme in Norfolk both near to Kings Lynn. Any ideas what these areas like any advice greatly appreciated. Have two young children and a teenager! Thank you

nicknamehelp Wed 07-Dec-16 21:08:33

Unless u like driving kids around i would move closer to kings Lynn. Takes ages to drive anywhere round here! Lovely area in general for raising a family and lots going on.

user1481096129 Thu 08-Dec-16 12:44:54

Thank you
Do you have any knowledge of Middleton as a village and what it ls like?

nicknamehelp Thu 08-Dec-16 18:54:52

Not really it is on the road to Norwich though so can get very busy around there. But good location if working in Norwich.

What are you looking for in a location/will be working?

user1481096129 Thu 08-Dec-16 19:46:02

Looking for nice village with community feel. With reasonably priced property. And nice environment to bring up kids.Self employed so work all over.

nicknamehelp Fri 09-Dec-16 08:13:58

Ive sent you a pm

Misty9 Fri 09-Dec-16 19:54:21

Are you set against a city? Norwich is very nice - and not very big smile

user1481096129 Fri 09-Dec-16 20:05:32

Hello not against the city life but we are relocating from Brighton and want a slower pace of life hence looking at villages.

I am hoping Norfolk is going to be a good place to raise my family smile

Misty9 Fri 09-Dec-16 20:55:04

I'd say it's pretty slow in Norwich compared to Brighton grin

badhotfanny Sat 10-Dec-16 06:26:30

So would I!

Also. Norwich is not a sprawly city at all - I live 5 miles south of the city in a completely rural but 10 mins to Norwich village. Some lovely villages with village schools much closer to Norwich, and to the a11 if you go south regularly to visit family.

Hummingbird77 Sun 11-Dec-16 23:44:46

Both villages are fairly close to me - what make you select those particular two as they're quite different?

Middleton is close to the A47 - it actually cuts the village in half - which makes it quick to get to Kings Lynn and relatively convenient for Norwich. The village has a pub with good food and a primary school, although that has had issues recently. I don't know the village well enough to comment regarding community feel.

Runcton Holme is more isolated but has a great children's park, social centre and Brownies/Cubs, etc. It has a primary school but I don't know much about it; it has Downham Market Academy as its catchment high school, which has problems at the moment. Downham Market is closer than Kings Lynn and I would say is where most people shop, although the shops there are fairly limited.

Many schools in the area haven't done well in recent years, in terms of Ofsted reports, but the primary schools generally seem to be improving lately. High Schools are a mixed bag.

In between Middleton and Runcton Holme, Shouldham and Wimbotsham are particularly popular villages; the property prices are slightly more expensive for the area, although still cheap compared to Brighton. Both have good primary schools, children's play areas, a pub and a community feel.

We really like living in this area, it's a good place to bring up children and we don't regret moving here but it is very different to Brighton (I used to live there), so may be a bit of a culture shock at first - particularly if you have a teenager. As a previous poster has said, Norwich is probably closer to Brighton in feel and has more going on but with a slower pace of life.

Hummingbird77 Sun 11-Dec-16 23:50:51

Actually reading back, the previous poster didn't say that Norwich is closer to Brighton in feel... but knowing both, I think so. It terms of the best place to live, it really depends what you are looking for in terms of transport links amenities, culture, etc.

bubblymum23 Wed 25-Jan-17 14:55:34

Please would someone tell me which would be the best secondary schools would be for a 14 year old living in north east Norfolk area? Young person is very talented in maths and computer science and presently attends a University Technical College. Norwich UTC catchment area doesn't seem to extend to north east Norfolk.
Any advice gratefully received smile
Thank you

Coupey1 Tue 18-Apr-17 15:21:29

Hi all me & my family are thinking of moving to norfolk & just looking for some advice on areas that are good & areas to avoid we have a 6 year old so would need a primary school & also horses so would ideally like to buy somewhere where we can have stables at home any advice would be great thanks x

lljkk Mon 24-Apr-17 20:21:03

Aylsham or Reepham HSs, @bubblymum23.
Where, Coupey1?

user1483732237 Sun 05-Nov-17 11:52:04

Check out the 2017 DfE GCSE league tables: UTC in this area has below average progress, 40% achieved good grades in maths & English & persistent absence is running at 25%. Probably one of the worst 300 schools in England

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