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LatieKee Sat 03-Dec-16 22:46:15

Hi all,
We currently live in Sutton and are thinking of moving to Berkshire next spring/summer, my daughter is in year 3 - we are thinking ideally we would move so that she has a couple of years at primary school to settle and make friends before going up to big school.
The husband and I both work in west/central London so we need good transport links into Paddington and we want to be closer to our mums who both live in Oxon (Banbury and Uffington), both our dad's have died in the last couple of months which has prompted the desire to be closer to our mums.
So... we are thinking Maidenhead, Taplow, Burnham?? - what areas would you recommend or avoid? What schools would you recommend? I'm more interested in hearing whether children are happy at a school than what Ofsted says!
Also, I'll be moving there without knowing anyone which is a bit terrifying, I made all my friends here when dd was a baby through going to groups. You don't have those when they are older so I would love to live in a friendly area where there is a sense of community?
Any help at all to narrow our search down would be great! We've got up to £420k budget and would like a 2 double bed house. Where shall I start looking?
Thanks so much!
Katie X

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Duckstar Sat 03-Dec-16 23:44:47

I live in Maidenhead. We moved from Central London. We love living here. Most popular schools are Oldfield and Lowbrook, but you may struggle to get place even in catchment. But a there are some infant, junior schools so Year 3 good time to move. All saints and courthouse are there 2 big junior schools in town. All saints smaller.

Your money will go further in taplow and burnham and you are in bucks for the grammar schools (although lots of children go in from maidenhed to grammar schools).

Trains are faster from maidenhead the taplow and burnham (no direct trains unlike Maidenhead) and hence higher house prices.

Cheaper areas in maidenhead are cox green (70s estates and some older properties) - lowbrook catchment in some areas.

Hope that's of some help.

Duckstar Sat 03-Dec-16 23:46:16

Typing on my phone in car (passenger I should add) so apologies for lack of capitals and spelling mistakes.

LatieKee Sun 04-Dec-16 19:12:25

Thanks Duckstar! That is really helpful - we're going to have drive round to get a feel of the areas soon but it's good to get some names of schools to look near.
Thanks again!

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Duckstar Sun 04-Dec-16 19:36:41

Forgot to add if you are Catholic St Edmund Campion very good school in Maidenhead.

tonimiller580 Wed 03-May-17 15:23:40

Hi LatieKee, I'm new to the group so thought I would give my input.

i live central reading coley park\ katesgroves, they have some really good schools, also we have a lot of events near us too most of which are free!

Taplow as far as i know its meant to be a lovely little village, but with maidenhead just down the road i'm sure you and your family will venture out.

Did you decide on a place yet?

poisonedbypen Thu 04-May-17 14:51:29

Burnham is nice & has a good grammar school, but the Upper School (for those who don't pass the 11 plus) is dire, really, really dire. Having said that, plenty of children travel from Burnham to Maidenhead for school (and the other way). I don't know about the primary schools as we moved to Berkshire after that age.


LazyLikeaMoFo Fri 05-May-17 15:16:43

I happened to catch the train to Paddington just this week.

If you are going to be daily commuters, I would recommend you look again at Reading or a nearby village you can get to Reading from.

Reason is, I got the 6.16am train and sat down easily, even though I was one of the last to board. Next stop was Twyford and enough got on there that people ended up standing all the way to London. If it had also stopped at M'head and/or Slough (some do, the 6.21 for example) I dread to think. It doesn't get any better till after the peak.

Second, on my way back I got a service where the first stop was Reading, so it was about 20mins! The ones that go to M'head, Slough and Twyford take longer. Not end of the world longer, but I guess a shorter commute would be better than longer!

Also look at transport to/from whatever station.
Reading has a big but v expensive car park
Twyford has a (being enlarged?) car park but when I have used it before was also jam packed with season ticket holders
I have no idea about the others listed in this thread.

lexkristall Tue 06-Jun-17 16:32:45

I also live in Katesgrove area of reading, moved here from London 6 years ago and also commute into London daily. My little girl goes to Katesgrove Primary and loves it, secondary schools are ok as well.

The commute to London is super easy and I walk to and from the station. I get the train at 7am and pretty much always get a seat.

I highly recommend Reading. Great shops, good restaurants and loads to do for kids in the surrounding area.

We are moving to Tilehurst in the coming months, wanting a bit more country but still have good commuter route to London. Fingers crossed we will be as happy there as we were in Katesgrove.

WLondon87 Tue 20-Apr-21 11:16:36

Hi Kate,

I see you posted this back in 2016.Where did you end up moving too? Currently in a similar situation and would love to know what area you decided on and whether you are happy or recommend other areas near by?


Hodgewell1 Tue 25-May-21 15:56:40

Bumping too as interested in commuting areas on crossrail with countryside nearby

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