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cuddling baby

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goffin19 Fri 02-Dec-16 21:11:50

My sons babys health visitor has advised him their 8 week old baby is upset at night due most likely to when visitors have been . She has advised that people can visit but not to hold the baby at the moment. As people have not been visiting that regular she is still upset at night which is a bit conflicting. In my 35 years as a parent and having come into contact with numerous babys i have never heard anything like this as a piece of advice. Babys respond to being held and cuddled, also if they are upset that is usually evidenced by them becoming upset at the time not several hours later. The baby has been examined and there does not appear to be a physical cause of the distress, no nappy rash and is feeding well. We have had problems with my sons partner and wonder if this is just another means of control. I really hope to be proved wrong.

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