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londonrach Wed 30-Nov-16 14:22:02

I have a 4 month dd and live in warwick. As weve moved around sadly my friends arent in warwickshire. Is there places you can go to meet other mums. Thanks x

Beanybump Wed 30-Nov-16 15:57:22

Depending where abouts in Warks you are I might be able to help. I'm Stratford area.

londonrach Wed 30-Nov-16 18:14:58


crunched Thu 01-Dec-16 10:20:24

Hi rach I live just outside Warwick and it is a great place to be. I only moved here when my youngest was 4 so can't be much help with baby groups. I believe there is a good one at the Baptist church near St Nicks church.
Lots of mums with babies seem to go to #1 coffee shop in the centre. I am the grumpy 'mother of teens' glaring at them over my cappuccino grin
If I can help in any way or if you are looking for a chat one day, let me know.

beela Thu 01-Dec-16 12:44:11


Birthability do a lovely and friendly coffee morning at Chase Meadows community centre. I think it's on a Wednesday lunchtime these days.

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