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Moving from Yorkshire

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ConnieCoCo Wed 23-Nov-16 16:09:16

Hi Ladies. Could really do with some advice regarding nice areas to move to within commuting distance of Rosyth? I'm currently pregnant with my first child and me and my husband are moving from Yorkshire upto Scotland. I won't know anyone at all and so would love to move to a nice area, we will be renting at first. We have no clue about any of the areas, but would really like to be within driving/walking distance of groups where I can meet some friends and I won't have to be a total loner! I kind of like living in village type settings as this is what I'm used to but would like to be near cafes/shops and not be completely isolated! Don't mind where, as long as it's 40 mins distance at the most from rosyth. Thank you in advance! X

RumAppleGinger Wed 23-Nov-16 16:59:54

Hi Connie,
I'm in Dalgety Bay which is just up the road from Rosyth. I love it here. Good schools/nurseries/playgroups and a proper community feeling with lots of social events. Good rail links into Edinburgh, nice coastal and woodland walks, local leisure centre and a handful of shops, a post office and a couple of nice places to eat.

We were searching in Dunfermline when we stumbled across Dalgety Bay and I just knew this is where I wanted to live, I've made a good group of friends and I can't see myself ever living anywhere else.

A wee bit further up the coast is Aberdour which is lovely and probably has that more villiagey feel you are after and a couple of gorgeous beaches but the property prices are a lot more expensive.

LevenMummy Wed 23-Nov-16 17:38:18

Burntisland is lovely, nice beach, good swimming pool for kids and lots of nice little cafes and shops.

Strath Wed 23-Nov-16 20:58:01

Good choice! I moved from Ceres to Yorkshire! The whole area is beautiful, lots to do, strong support networks pop up surprisingly quickly. What sort of budget and location are you looking for?

HuglessDouglas Thu 24-Nov-16 10:06:51

I'd be inclined to suggest having a look in Rosyth itself, or in Dunfermline. Dalgety Bay is lovely, though there isn't as much on, it's only a 10-15 minute drive to Dunfermline.

Charliesgotachocolatefactory Thu 24-Nov-16 12:31:29

Nice wee villages include Limekilns (5 mins from Rosyth), Saline (25ish), Culross (15 mins), Aberdour (15 mins unless there are problems on the Forth bridge - if you are coming from the east or north you have to 'cross' the bridge traffic). Kinross up the M90 is nice but might be more than 40 mins at rush hour. South Queensferry, on the other side of the bridge, us nice too. Dunfermline is ok, ongoing problems with school capacities in the Eastern expansion so maybe to be avoided longer term although you'll get a rental property there fairly easily so it might be worth starting off there while you get to know the surrounding area. 10 mins to Rosyth. Some lovely older properties nearer the town centre (15 mins to Rosyth) and there is a beautiful park there too.

I might be way off the mark but as you're moving from W Yorkshire to Rosyth, if the company is who I think it is, I'd say live somewhere with a station to Edinburgh in case you decide/are made to move jobs within the company at some future date. There are a lot of offices and therefore opportunities in Edinburgh. (If you don't work for who I think you do this will make NO sense ha ha)

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