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Relocating to Edinburgh

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YummyTwinMummy Thu 10-Nov-16 08:04:04

Hi everyone,

My family and I will be relocating to Edinburgh in March from overseas. We are a British family who have been abroad for the last 7 years. Our twin girls will be attending St George's.

We will be renting for the first year in order to get a feel for the city. Can anyone recommend some areas to live that won't take more than 20-30 minutes to drive to school. We are hoping to keep the budget around 2000GBP or less per month and need at least 3 bedrooms.

Thank you all so much!

winterland Fri 11-Nov-16 06:09:35

No where really takes more than 20/30 minutes to drive to school in Edinburgh! That's a decent budget so I'd be looking at Stockbridge , morningside, Trinity maybe, Murrayfield. What about this..

It's roughly a ten minute drive max from school.

winterland Fri 11-Nov-16 06:09:57

Oh and welcome, it's a beautiful city

YummyTwinMummy Fri 11-Nov-16 10:38:49

Thank you so much winterland. That house looks about perfect. We cannot wait to relocate. We came over for the half term break and neither girl wanted to leave.

ocelot41 Tue 20-Dec-16 17:56:34

Give us a shout when you land! Edinburgh MNetters had a meet a while back to welcome some new members. Sounds like a good opportunity for a new meet?

YummyTwinMummy Sun 25-Dec-16 15:57:42

That would be wonderful! I would love to meet some people.

ocelot41 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:56:03

Great - there were about 15 of us out last time. I have recently relocated (back) myself. You will love it!

BeansMcCready Mon 09-Jan-17 17:53:42

I'd love to join a meet up, we are also relocations and should be in by March 🌸

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