Moving to Metheringham playgroups and home schooling

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HappyMummy12345678910 Wed 09-Nov-16 08:58:18

Hello all, Im brand new to mumsnet so im not sure im doing this right haha smile Im moving to Metheringham Lincolnshire very soon and would love to know about ANY kids clubs or anything to do with a 1 year old girl smile I do not drive so i rely on public transport! I also want to homeschool my little one and would LOVE any info on any local HS support groups or other mummies and daddies who also HS. Thanks so much and really hope some peeps can help me out smile Peace and love to you all! XXX

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fendweller Wed 09-Nov-16 16:52:17

I live further south in the county so I can't help with the local activities, but I know there is a very active Home Ed community in the county with lots of stuff happening in Lincoln itself and also all over the county.

VulcanToTheSky Wed 09-Nov-16 20:43:42

Hi, I can not advise on playgroups or hs but just wanted to say welcome to mums net and welcome to Lincolnshiresmile

MrsLegume Thu 10-Nov-16 07:28:32

Metheringham is a very busy village and there will be a mums and tots group at the very least.
The train service from Metheringham to Lincoln is just about doable but I strongly would advise learning to drive if you can as Lincolnshire is a pig to get around on public transport.
The parish council will be able to give you details of what's on in the village.

Tiger10 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:40:02

hi all, ive only just joined so not sure how this works yet, I would appreciate any tips on home schooling for my 14 year old daughter shes had a tough time at school and tbh the teachers aren't as they should be any help greatly appreciated x

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