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Flu jabs - Why less uptake in the East amongst pregnant women and young children??

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LE Suffolk Fri 28-Oct-16 19:58:21

Hello all,

The NHS want to find out why rates for flu jabs are low in our region please......

Each year the NHS produces and distributes information about the flu vaccine to help people stay well during winter. As part of this, the NHS aims to make sure that people are aware if they are eligible for a free flu vaccination. Two groups of people eligible are pregnant women and children aged two, three and four years old.

We know that take up of the free flu vaccine amongst pregnant women and children aged two, three and four years old in the east of England has not been as high as it has been for other groups. This survey is designed to help us understand why people might choose to, or choose not to have the flu vaccination.

The answers to the survey will help inform future NHS England communications messages about the vaccination, ensuring we provide the most useful information to people this winter.

Here’s the link:

The survey is open until Wednesday 9th November and shouldn’t take more than five minutes to complete. Answers will be anonymised.

Many thanks - and feel free to also post comments below on this subject. smile

Mumsnet Suffolk

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