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Looking for new mummy friends in West Bridgford...

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Smithy22515 Thu 27-Oct-16 20:36:05

Hello fellow mums. I'm moving to WB in early December (or before) from London and looking to make some new mummy friends. My son will be 10months by then and I'll still be on maternity leave (though I now need to look for a new job!). My husband will start his new job and work long hours I expect so I don't want to go completely loopy by myself with my boy in a new town in the dark winter months.... any recommendations of where I should venture out to with my little man to find him and me some friends would be very welcome please. Or if anyone even feels like meeting up with me for a coffee or playdate that would be even more amazing!

icklekid Fri 28-Oct-16 13:37:03

Message me- very happy to meet up. Will still be on maternity leave. We go to quite a lot of toddler groups as I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old! We often are at these:

Monday- little rockets, lutterall hall
Wednesday- methodist church baby&toddler group - especially good for babies
Thursday- st giles church baby & toddler group

If your on Facebook search for surestart rushcliffe as they do quite a lot too!

birdhouseinmysoul Fri 04-Nov-16 10:22:51

Hello, there's lots going on here. I'm not much use to you as we're past the pre-school stage now but we used to love 'Rhyme Rattle and Roll' at the library on Friday mornings - though had to get there a bit early to get a (free) ticket.

The Methodist Church on Wednesdays was very good, busy in the mornings, quieter in the afternoon.

We enjoyed Caterpillar Music at age 1-2, which was at Rushcliffe Arena, not sure where it is now (the Arena's being re-built). There are heaps of classes about - Tumbletots, swimming, baby signing, all sorts.

There are toddler groups in Lady Bay at All Hallows Hall, at a church on Boundary Road and other parts of WB too.

RosemaryWalser Wed 14-Feb-18 22:24:13

I moved to West Bridgeford 3 months ago. I have a 3 year old & I have been busy getting settled in & now I would like to meet more people. If anyone fancies meeting for a coffee that would be great.

LeslieKnopefan Thu 22-Feb-18 04:27:59

Hi Rosemary. Don’t have kids myself but if you want to try joining somewhere then the local David Lloyd seems to have a lot of mums and everyone there is very nice and very social.

Picklepickle123 Wed 07-Mar-18 00:01:28

@smith22515 Loads to do in Bridgford, although it can be a bit clique-y. Hope you've settled in, PM me if you fancy a walk or a coffee!

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