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moving to suffolk

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meecham Mon 24-Oct-16 12:16:36

hi planning to move to Suffolk, in a few yrs time, want more of a village location not a town, moving from Essex!! currently have a 2 yr old and a 6 mth old, so will need a good primary school near by. cant find much online just wondering where we should start looking to start researching to find our ideal location? many thanks Kelly x x x

gardeningsarah Mon 24-Oct-16 19:39:27

Where will you be working? That will have a large bearing on where to suggest. In east suffolk you have the villages around Woodbridge which have good primary schools eg grundisburgh, little bealings. Woodbridge itself is a small town which has good primary schools.
Not really familiar with other parts of suffolk.

If you want to know any more information please ask.

HCollins7 Tue 02-May-17 13:28:14

Hadleigh is a lovely place. We have just moved here. I have a 6 and 2 year old.

MillyMillie Sat 23-Sep-17 09:19:04

How about any village around the Shotley Peninsula? Lots of schools, toddler groups and classes in the area. HTH

cheapskatemum Fri 29-Sep-17 11:28:03

Mellis primary school, just outside Eye, has an excellent reputation. It is a feeder school for Hartismere High which has had Outstanding grade from Ofsted for years, since the current Head took over 11 years ago.

VileyRose Sun 01-Oct-17 20:38:21

I moved from Hampshire to Suffolk last year. Not one single regret. We are in Rendlesham (Woodbridge) fantastic area and schools.

Justaboy Sun 01-Oct-17 21:38:15

Rendlesham (Woodbridge) fantastic area and schools.

Yeabut seen any decent UFO's as yet;?

VileyRose Thu 23-Nov-17 10:04:41

Nope, lots of military helicopters thoughsmile

ScaryMonstersAndSuoerCreeps Thu 23-Nov-17 16:55:32

Laxfield. Halfway between Ipswich and Norwich. Has an outstanding Primary school. Two pubs, 6-10 Co-op. Lovely village.
Avoid Framlingham..... Lots of new houses spoiling a wonderful town.....

Smeeds Thu 15-Feb-18 20:16:12

Anyone have any thoughts on Wayford? What the area is like? Good for bringing up a young family?

Thanks for your help smile

Smeeds Thu 15-Feb-18 20:19:12

Sorry it helps if I spell it correct!!!
Wangford! ;)

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