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Secondary schools!!

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BoysMumma Sat 22-Oct-16 11:13:54

ello. We are looking to move to be closer to Bath for work/family etc. But need to choose the right area to be in the right catchment for good secondary schools. We are looking at the high littleton/timsbury ish area, south of bath.
We basically want to be less than 20mins from Bath, in a pretty village with low ish crime, hopefully with park and shop and nice cafe/pub would be a bonus- I know I'm asking alot but are there any villages out there that have all this and are in catchment for a good secondary school??
So far we like: wellsway, chew valley, writhlington and maybe norton Hill..... opinions on these schools for academic children who like sports but overall want a friendly happy school!!

OK so I know I'm asking too much but please let me know where would be the best compromise?
Thank you for any help

mshrh Sat 22-Oct-16 22:44:14

I would recommend Paulton, it's a lovely village with the faculties you're after although large and not especially pretty in parts. It's in the catchment for norton hill and good schools in wells and bath. I don't think writhlington is especially good against the national average results though? Somervale is better I think.

harryhausen Mon 14-Nov-16 13:02:11

My dd has just started at Chew Valley School. So far, I'm really impressed with the school. It has a broad intake (we live in South Bristol). My dd is very academic and so far is really enjoying that side of school. They are setted for Maths very soon after arriving. They are more broadly mixed into 'streams' into Y8 I believe. I find the school very creative. Lots and lots of clubs to get involved with within school hours and after. Drama club has been great for my dd. She's slso learning a musical instrument which we've not done before. She played Wellsway a few weeks ago at Netball and Chew were crushed! Something like 22 - 2.

It's been a bit slower for dd finding good friends. She came to the school with no-one else really from primary. She's made some nice friends but unfortunately one of them is moving to Devon in January. From driving around the school I would live in Chew Magna, Winford or Bishops Sutton. Seem really friendly. Chew Magna has a lovely feel. Like The Archers grin

jainspero Fri 03-Feb-17 00:00:47

Help! Would like to find a good secondary school for my son - not purely focussed on academics - somewhere where creativity is valued. A school with enthusiastic, inspiring teachers. Is Beechen Cliff very academic or do they appreciate children who are less academic also?
We are relocating so would appreciate any recommendations of schools!

ItsAHillyHill Fri 03-Feb-17 18:17:50

You really need to visit the schools @jainspero as they are quite different in character. Mostly, they are very good schools and children do well. So within the city your choice is the one that suits your child most.

These are the briefest of descriptions of each school based on what I've picked up over the years, from friends, parents, kids, teachers, general gossip, etc.
Beechen Cliff (boys) has a reputation for being strict, good on academics and sport, bit of bullying, not so good for those that don't fit its mode.
Ralph Allen (mixed) is seen as being a bit more relaxed but likewise good on the academics. Less hot on sport but more nurturing for the different.
St Gregory's (Catholic, mixed) a good school, normally need to be Catholic or have faith to get a place, mixed reputation on special needs, generally nice ethos.
St Marks (CofE, mixed) which is smaller, less academic but has a very good reputation for nurturing kids with extra needs.
Oldfield (mixed), formally an outstanding girls' school with a megalomaniac head has been through a period of rapid change and I don't know much about it but it seems to have changed for the better.

Normal applications are for all of the City of Bath, so you don't need to Iive right next to the school to get in. You do, however, need to be able to get your child there, so you want to choose walking distance or on a bus route. There are some school buses - each school details transport on their websites. Getting across Bath at school run time is best avoided, so if you are free to chose where you want to live, look at e.g. Bear Flat/Poet's Corner for Beechen Cliff; Combe Down for Ralph Allen; Larkhall for St Mark's; Weston/Newbridge for Oldfield.

CheungS255 Sat 31-Mar-18 11:23:06

perhaps the local news and the ofsted report would be a good start and also ask the locals who live near the school as they are more likely to see the behaviour of the students coming out of school. i do know for a fact that the private school would take more care in how their students behave in and outside school ground.

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