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Do children 'play out ' in brighton?

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Southtosouthcoast Wed 19-Oct-16 18:52:03

Am thinking of moving back yo brighton from London. When I lived there before u was child free. I don't know about Areas where kids might have a little bit of freedom. Any areas where children play outside their houses ?

sianihedgehog Thu 20-Oct-16 14:20:42

Kids play out on the Greens around the blocks of council flats where I am in Hollingdean. It doesn't seem to happen in any of the posh bits, but they often have formally closed roads for supervised play once a month or so.

lucjam2105 Thu 20-Oct-16 19:48:39

Not sure if I'm in a posh bit or not! We live in the Preston Park area. My DS plays out sometimes especially if a friend is over. A few boys on the street play out together.

screamingeels Fri 21-Oct-16 17:02:21

A lot of houses in Brighton are terraced and all the gardens but up together- even in the posh parts (preston park, 5 ways, 7 dials). In a lot of places you"ll find kids don't play out the front re: cars and traffic but they do jump over walls and play in each others gardens.
This will come down to luck on who your neighbours are but popular family areas are pretty densely populated.

coffeecups Fri 21-Oct-16 19:29:38

My kids do with a bunch of neighbours. There is also a Streetplay Facebook page which shows where streets close. Poets corner in Hove is also good.

bookwormthatturned Thu 29-Dec-16 17:33:50

Not sure if you have 'Playing Out' in Brighton but it's really easy to get a regular street closure going - it's also a good way for the grown-ups to get to know each other too!

Nikitasol Sat 25-Mar-17 12:13:56

I moved to Saunders Park area last summer and the kids all play on the street here. It's really heartening to see!

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