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It's quiet in here isn't it!?!

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surpriseitsme Sun 16-Oct-16 14:57:07

Where's everybody gone? Is it just me sat rocking in the corner?

SaltaireMum Mon 17-Oct-16 00:50:08

I'm busy hunting pokemons! grin

surpriseitsme Mon 17-Oct-16 07:25:28

Hahaha good call! I sat outside the boathouse Friday morning taking the gym!

SaltaireMum Mon 17-Oct-16 10:25:12

Yep, Boathouse gym changes hands every day, twice a day :-) We take it over every Sunday morning after junior parkrun.

I'm looking forward to Halloween, and then also preparing to take part in Saltaire Advent Calendar.

surpriseitsme Mon 17-Oct-16 10:49:51

Love the advent calendar, such a simple but effective thing. Saltaire park run has really taken off hasn't it!

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