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Outdoor sporty mum's in Bury/ Ramsbottom area!!!

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NinaFFF2016 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:41:07

Hi, Me and my family are potentially moving from lovely Ludlow to Bury or surrounding area. I'm a very keen cyclist (road and mountain biking) and rock climb. My husband and I enjoy being out with the kids biking& climbing too and we're keen to find out what's on offer in the area. If you can lead me to more information or are active yourselves and can reassure me there is lots going on that'd fantastic. Quite daunting thought moving away from very green area we live in. Thanks Nina

mightyducks Thu 10-Nov-16 11:48:58

Hi sorry might be a bit late but just wanted to reassure you there is lots of sporty and outdoor stuff in Bury and surrounding areas! Bury in particular is having a big push on getting women fit, Google I will if you will, it lists all the activities available. For climbing there is a great place called Grip and go in Rossendale too. There are lads of cycle routes around - if you let me know exactly where you are moving to I'll let you know more specific stuff. Hope that helps!

NinaFFF2016 Thu 10-Nov-16 12:10:55

Ah no not to late... And big thanks. Unsure exactly where yet but job will be Bury based so looking for somewhere nearby so can commute with less than 30 mins drive/ a cycle in.
Would like to be able to get it on quieter roads to road bike& get it mountain biking too relatively easilysmile
I say the, I will if you will, seems great idea. I currently run outdoor exercise classes for mums: Circuits, buggyfitness etc so would be interested in that project.
Do you bike? Any tips, advice on area would be fantasticsmile
Thanks Nina

mightyducks Thu 10-Nov-16 13:10:46

Hi no I don't bike, like walking and play netball and tennis. I wouldn't venture much further than Bury then if you want to get there in 30 mins, traffic can be a problem I'm afraid. I will just over the border in Bolton, this side you have Harwood, Bradshaw and Bromley Cross which is v popular but traffic can be an issue. Nice villages in Bury, you could try Ainsworth, Hawkshaw, Summerset, Greenmount. Ramsbotham is lovely too, very trendy though at the moment so think it's pricey. Or you could try Edgworth just over the border in Blackburn but also easily commutable to Bury, lovely little village with 2 lovely reservoirs for walking and county pubs etc, nice community feel and good ice cream shop! Is expensive though and gets a lot of snow in winter. Hope that helps! Liz

JoHillomon Tue 06-Dec-16 19:20:57

Hi, I'm a new mum and also mtn biker and climber. We live just north of Bury town centre, not far from Ramsbottom and it's surprisingly good to get out biking. You can get out into the hills over towards Lee Quarry/Cragg Quarry (mtn bike trail centre but without any kind of hub) or up onto Holcombe Moor. We get out for anything from a one hour blast to a three hour ride with some interesting terrain and hills. Climbing-wise it's best to travel to one of the many walls in M'cr, but if you have little ones RockOver Climbing wall is excellent for children too, and Rochdale's Climb UK is very family friendly but not as extensive (both bouldering mainly). I'm still in recovery mode after recent baby but would love to get out with like minded mum during my maternity (although the thought of getting on any kind of bike feels a long way off at the moment!). It's a great place to live if you like the outdoors and the Lakes/Yorkshire is on your doorstep. Hope this helps!

flossiteacake Thu 06-Apr-17 20:07:10

Hi, I know this is a bit of an old post, and I may be contravening some T&Cs on advertising but some friends run a mountain bike festival in Rammy that's coming up soon. Last year it was full of people with kids, although the venue has moved so it may be different this time. Anyways it's called Northern Grip and it's on in June sometime. It has a website and Facebook page. I hope you found some like minded people to ride with, this area seems to be a hub for mtb! Can't think why with all these hills wink x

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