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Looking to move to Chichester area

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SussexGirl57 Thu 13-Oct-16 09:22:49

We are currently living in Australia but we're thinking about moving back to the UK. I am grew up in West Sussex (Worthing) but haven't lived there for years. I really like Chichester and it's quite central to where all my friends are located.

We would prefer to stay as central to Chichester as possible as my husband would commute from the train station and I like being close to where there's some life but would consider surrounding areas that aren't too far away. Possibly Tangmere or Westhampnett? I'd be interested to know what those areas are like. I've heard/read that areas further out towards Barnham and Bognor may be a bit 'rough'?

I am looking into public primary schools (non catholic/church run) for my two boys. My eldest is 6 and currently in year 1. My youngest would be due to start school in September if we move back before then. So some information on some good schools would be useful.

Any information/tips would be appreciated.

shewhomustbeEbayed Fri 14-Jul-17 12:18:47

I live in Tangmere and have a 13 yo DD, we managed to get her into Walberton and Binsted primary, it was brilliant ! She now goes to Chichester High School, Chichester Free School also has a good reputation and takes from primary age.
Tangmere has more than it's fair share of social housing and the Tangmere primary school is very poor, we just live here, not socialise, very few facilities. Chichester itself has lots and is lovely to live in, Graylingwell Park looks good for families as lots of open spaces.
I'm sure this info is all a bit disjointed, sorry.

PavoReal Mon 17-Jul-17 16:55:07

Oh gosh, 9 months before you got a reply Sussexgirl! I assume things might have moved on, but just in case I moved down to Chichester from London and knew absolutely nothing about the area / schools. I chose it because it was the nearest, biggest place to my ILs. I lived in Chichester for 3 years before moving a bit further out for 2 reasons: 1. in classic fashion, you get more for your money 2. some of the Chichester primary schools aren't great (my catchment one after the infant school fell into that category).
Tangmere, central Bognor and Yapton are the ones to avoid (sorry shewho), but the villages surrounding Bognor such as Aldwick and Felpham are nice. Westhampnett is a bit tumble-weedy but OK - I have no idea on their primary.

Ladybirdspantys Mon 17-Jul-17 16:59:15

Felpham is nice. Bognor I would say no and yapton. Both quite rough. Barnham is nice good train links. Chichester is also lovely. Really nice city.

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