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Favourite thing about Mumsnet?

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GardenDreamer Tue 11-Oct-16 11:14:15

Hello all! I'm new to mumsnet. We don't have children (yet) but I've found it very helpful regarding IVF and NHS stuff (positive things only, I'm already scared witless!!)
I am really enjoying all the threads though, some are so funny and some are very involving - I've been engrossed in questions about etiquette of wedding invites through to whether your teenage self would like you now... Brilliant!!grin
So, with the vast array of conversations on offer, I wanted to ask, what's your favourite thing about Mumsnet? (And, if you by any chance have any positive feedback about IVF, please feel free to contribute, but please bear in mind I'm genuinely anxious, so anything genuinely reassuring most appreciated, no painful details please, thanks!! smile)
So, hello to you all and viva la Mumsnet!!

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