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Ruislip Stars Day nursery at South Ruislip

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Yingchen Thu 29-Sep-16 23:04:18

I visited Ruislip Stars Day nursery at South Ruislip. It seems really nice however it has only been running under 2 years. Any anyone's children go there? is it good?

Dinomo Thu 29-Sep-16 23:20:08

I don't know anything about it but just one comment I would have is that it is along Victoria Rd right beside where they are building new Asda/cinema etc - is parking going to be an issue for you or being stuck in the horrendous traffic?

Yingchen Thu 29-Sep-16 23:36:01

I haven't driven on that road during rash hour. Today I saw a few parking choices - Sainsbury car park or council car park nearby (30mins free) or the residential parking bay opposite (drop off at 8am / pick up after 6pm - which is outside the restriction hours)

theweeknd Thu 12-Oct-17 13:28:19

I took my DC to Ruislip Stars - we viewed it when it was recently open and it seemed nice. However, 6 months later it was really busy which wasn't a problem as it was well staffed and properly ran by an experienced Manager.

Unfortunately the Manager left along with other key staff that my DC got along with, to be replaced with school leavers. We and other parents noticed a lot of disruption and they young girls running the place seemed completely out of their depth.

The final straw for us was when our DC was hit by another child and was given food types she wasn't supposed to eat. We also noticed she stopped being enthusiastic about going there.

I also found it disconcerting how the owners husband would hang around the nursery.

prmom Mon 23-Jul-18 15:57:57

Hi, has anyone got any experience with Whitehouse nursery in Ruilslip? We have a choice between WHitehouse nursery which is a home based small setting vs Bright Horizons in RAF which is a much bigger setting.

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