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Getting a seat on the train

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hg1970 Thu 22-Sep-16 17:30:11

Hi there

I'm moving out of London to commute but want to be sure I can get a seat on the train in the morning. I will be travelling between 7 and 8

People have told me in the past that Henley and Marlow/Bourne End are a safe bet for getting a seat, as they are on those branch lines but still go straight to Paddington. Are there any other stations in Berkshire that are worth considering?

Or is the main line coming in from Didcot Parkway standing room only? I've heard Great Western can get packed

LazyLikeaMoFo Thu 22-Sep-16 19:05:28

At that time of day unfortunately I think you will be screwed for a seat at almost every branch line station going into Paddington unless you get on at the start of the line. And even then that is not guaranteed because you won't be the first to have had that idea. This is prime commuter land, and even the first trains of the day are busy.

If I was commuting to Padd, it'd be from Reading. Which is just a desperate sight of a morning - everyone stands in clusters right where the doors are going to be, looking thoroughly suicidal. So avoid that one at least!

GW is one of the busiest operators into Padd - I think the 7-something from Reading was on that hall of shame list about overcrowded services in the summer.

But hey, it's not as bad as the rattler into Waterloo which stops about a hundred times and takes longer!

Are you fixed on Berkshire? There are loads of commuter services further out which get you into London just as fast - I'm thinking of the Basingstokes, Newburys, Andovers of this world. I don't know Oxfordshire/Herts so well but I expect they have similar.

Rainbowdash101 Thu 22-Sep-16 21:20:15

If you start from Hungerford, you'd be fine. Newbury 80% chance of a seat. Reading probably not. Just asked my Dh who commutes every day.

DragonRojo Fri 23-Sep-16 07:28:38

Twyford to Paddington: I catch the 7:21 and in 3 years, there must have been 2 occasions when I didn't get a seat

hg1970 Fri 23-Sep-16 10:38:41

Thanks all for your tips. I hadn't thought of Andover. Now that you mention it I read that the 7.44 from Henley is the most crowded commuter service in Britain, so maybe end of line doesn't give you protection

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