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Can I get a seat on the train in Princes Risborough, Gerrards Cross or Beaconsfield?

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hg1970 Thu 22-Sep-16 17:22:31

Hi there

I'm looking to move out of London and commute every day, but I want to make sure I can get a seat on the train in the morning -- I travel between 7 and 8.

I'm thinking of Buckinghamshire -- does anyone know if I can get a seat in peak rushhour at Princes Risborough, Gerrards Cross or Beaconsfield?

If not, other suggestions in Buckinghamshire gratefully received

Any tips or advice much appreciated

justgotoffthebus Fri 23-Sep-16 13:19:36

I don't think you will get a seat from Gerrards Cross or Beaconsfield.
I'm pretty sure High Wycombe is the first very busy station so Princess Risborough would be the best bet.

MadameWoods86 Wed 07-Dec-16 08:32:28

Have you considered the underground at Amersham? Amersham picks up the overground and you can often get a seat on the direct 7.31 to Marylebone. This gets you in in about 30 minutes. It's also within zone 9, so you get the added benefit of cheaper TFL rates rather than Chiltern Trains prices. It's also on the Metropolitan line if that's more convenient for your commute. Slightly slower but it's the first/ last stop so a seat is guaranteed.

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