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High School Selection

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DawnieP Tue 20-Sep-16 19:48:15

My twins went to C school and suggested I take my son whom is now in Y6 to B school. Am unsure what is best to do. A/ At C school his brothers and myself went, his friends will be going, its close to home. B/ At B school it has better grades. I didn't know whether to move him to B school due to his social skills as some kids going to C school may start to annoy him and pick a fight. In class he is quiet but socially he has understanding difficulties and is not as mature as his peers so he tend to sit on his own. Some of the girls seem to understand that he is not naughty but is misunderstood and a bit silly. Am worried about taking him to the nearest school also in case people what know us run back to their families and say my son has done this and that. Do I give him a clean start and let him go to the B school where most don't know him?

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