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Awesome nanny available

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CruCru Mon 19-Sep-16 19:58:02

Our old nanny is looking for a new job. Ideally she wants 30 hours a week, over three days.

She worked for us for 4.5 years and left because my children were going to be in school, so I no longer needed a nanny.

Her reference from us is (I've removed her's and the children's names):

[Her name] has worked for us since 31 January 2012. Originally, she looked after our son [His name] (born 4 September 2011) and then, once our daughter [Her name] (born 4 October 2013) was born, she looked after both children. At present, she works three days a week.

Frankly, I think anyone who gets to have [Her name] as their nanny is incredibly lucky. She is kind, enthusiastic and obviously loves children. In the time that we have had her working for us, she has become a dear friend of the family. [Her name] is experienced and puts the welfare of the children she looks after above all. Her strengths include educating children and building up their self esteem; my children have thrived under her care.

If you are looking for a three day a week nanny in Islington and would like her details, please PM me.

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