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SnowBall86 Sun 18-Sep-16 15:47:01

Hi all, I'm new to Richmond area and mumsnet!
I'd love to pick your brains about your experience with local hospitals please. I'm currently 10 weeks pregnant and so far my choices are Kingston or Chelsea and Westminster. I couldn't find any recent reviews about either and only got scared by the number of horror stories. I'm looking forward to hearing your experience/advise/warning? Many thanks :-)

mikkii Sun 18-Sep-16 21:50:49

Depending on where you are in Richmond, there is also West Midd in Isleworth, I had all my three there. Fewer private rooms than Kingston, but much easier to access from the Hampton end

Nyborg Mon 19-Sep-16 12:56:01

I gave birth in Kingston two years ago - the staff were great but the facilities weren't, particularly the postnatal ward which was hot, bright and noisy. (In the interests of full disclosure, I would probably have been in a side room as it had been a tricky delivery but there were other mothers who genuinely needed it more on that particular day).

BowiesJumper Mon 19-Sep-16 19:52:55

I gave birth at west mid at the end of last year. I can't fault the care in pregnancy (straight forward pregnancy). The hospital was very busy on the night I gave birth but it was fine- lovely midwives. I didn't enjoy the post natal ward (horribly hot) but I think that similar in Kingston. My sister gave birth at c&w and it looked lovely when I visited!

Chahol79 Tue 20-Sep-16 12:33:42

I had my little boy two years ago at Kingston and they were great. It is very busy but that's because it's a very popular hospital to give birth in.
I couldn't fault them through what was quite a stressful labour and they looked after us brilliantly despite us getting the last delivery room on the night and them being very busy.

I would say that post natal wasn't quite as great but I've heard that about numerous hospitals. I actually spent the night in high dependency and they were fantastic and then moved to a ward the next day. Only had to stay until later in the day which I was glad about as didn't fancy trying to get some sleep with 4 other mums and babies. Plus I was really struggling to walk/sit and the midwives just aren't as hands on in there so I wanted to be at home for the help more than anything.

I'm pregnant again and have to have fortnightly appointments there and so far they have been fantastic and compared to other hospitals I've heard people talk about very supportive.

lessclutterplease Tue 20-Sep-16 16:09:58

I couldn't recommend Kingston at all as I had a horrible experience there, especially post natal. Queen Charlotte's was excellent though, I couldn't fault the care there, but it is just slightly further away if you are in Central Richmond.

Also, bear in mind that parking at Kingston is a nightmare if you need to drive to your appointments!

Barefootcontessa84 Wed 28-Sep-16 09:06:33

Currently at Chelsea & Westminster with a complicated pregnancy, and I can't rate them highly enough. I can compare to West Midd as my sister had two there - facilities at C&W definitely miles better (new birth centre, great neonatal unit etc). I thought the postnatal ward at West Midd was one of the most cramped I've seen.

MouseJo Thu 27-Oct-16 08:06:53

I'm at 14 weeks with my fist pregnancy and signed up to West Middlesex hospital. It's where my brother and sister were born two decades ago and they've pretty much done a good job with my family so ever since! It's busy but every member of staff I've met for early scan/ 12 weeks scans/blood tests has been really nice. I grew up in Twickenham area and now live in Hampton so let me know if you're looking to get to know the area or meet up, I've not got any pregnant friends locally so would be lovely to show you around... best of luck with the next two trimesters!

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