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Lach Denis near knutsford?

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MrsLilac Sun 18-Sep-16 14:43:45

I'm relocating from London to Cheshire and don't known the county very well although I'm originally from Lancashire and have friends in Cheshire. We are looking around knutsford as its close to my mums on the m6 and my close friend lives there and I love the area. We looked at about 16 house around the area and it's so expensive. We then looked at a place in Lach Denis and love it. I don't know about this village but unknown it's more reasonably priced because the not a picturesque village with a central area or shops. I have an almost two year old and one on the way so I love the idea of walking into the local village and waking them to school etc but at this house I would have to drive everywhere. I'm just not sure wether I should go for a smaller house in a 'nicer' village or get the dream house and compromise on location. I know nothing about Lach Denis at all! Any help?

CheshireEditor Mon 19-Sep-16 10:09:15

Hello and welcome to the pages! I moved to Knutsford form Putney over 12 years ago and love it. There are so many little villages and hamlets surrounding Knutsford and I am familiar with Lach Dennis, Duke of Portland pub is great, as is The Three Greyhounds.

One thing to bear in mind is that is takes so much less time to drive anywhere. 10 mils in 10 minutes, whereas say Putney to Streatham same distance more or less could take well over an hour.

I am walkable into the town and now my eldest is nearly 15, it's great he can walk/cycle everywhere to football, cicket, school, see friends without having to reply on his parents to pick up and drop off all the time.

We had the same debate when we moved here, smaller house more central or bigger house less central. We bought a 2 bed and extended, still only 3 beds but that is enough, people tend to stay at local hotels when visiting. But to be honest you can't go wrong with either, good luck with your search and let me know if I can help with anything.

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