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Moving from Australia to Aberdeen

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Pachainaus Sun 18-Sep-16 06:16:24


We are looking to move to Aberdeen from Perth Western Australia in Dec. I just wanted some advice on what years to put the children in. My son is 12, almost 13 in Y7 (bday Sept 2003) and my daughter is 10 almost 11 in Y5 (bday Oct 2005).. As you may know the Aussie school year end in Dec and if they go to the equivalent years in Scotland in Jan they are supposed to go into S2 and P7 respectively (according to Robert Gordon College).

I am thinking it might be best to defer them and put them in S1 and P6. In order to give them time to adjust, settle and make friends and not just try to catch up on what they have missed. I just want to know how common it is for parents to defer their kids in Aberdeen especially at RGC to get a sense of unusual this request be. I heard from someone that boys born on Nov are regularly deferred at RGC, is this true?

Also my children have been taking Mandarin in school in Perth as a second language. I was wondering if anybody had experience of the RGC Mandarin club or Albyn's mandarin program to see if it will be possible for them to continue their studies in Aberdeen.

Any advice will be helpful


cluelessnchaos Sun 18-Sep-16 08:15:50

Hi I have 2 children at rgc, the standard of work is quite high as well as the rate. But the teachers bring them up to speed pretty quickly, giving lunch lessons to those who need it. When are there birthdays? It's very common in Scotland to defer entry into primary 1 if your birthday is December onwards. Pm if you want to ask any more specifics about rgc and good luck with the move

cluelessnchaos Sun 18-Sep-16 08:16:24

Mandarin club is fairly new, I've heard good things about it though

cluelessnchaos Sun 18-Sep-16 08:18:46

Sorry early morning just seen the birthdays. There wouldn't be any children their age in the lower years

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