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Bathwick St Mary and Widcombe primaries

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DougieHaths Sat 17-Sep-16 16:31:45


Am new here, hope I'm not duplicating any recent chat, had a quick scroll and couldn't see anything so here goes...

We're looking at a house on Rockcliffe Road in Bathwick. According to RightMove that's 0.3 miles from Bathwick St Mary's - does that sound like close enough to get in on the grounds of catchment area alone, without church attendance? Does anyone know if after siblings, church attendees from the parish and church attendees from outside the parish, whether non church attendees who live in the parish ever get a look in? Starting to attend church for a school place isn't something we're that keen on doing. Where do non church goers in Bathwick send their kids - st Stephens/ st saviours?

There's another house in Widcombe that we're not as in love with but I'd be more optimistic about our chances of getting a place at Widcombe Infants. So it's a case of nicer house but less certain school arrangements vs not-as-nice house but more confidence in school applications.

I know these aren't the only primary schools in Bath but as an outsider without friends in the area, oftsed reports are all I've got to go on in the first instance! smile

Would appreciate any wisdom you could send my way!

Spindelina Sat 17-Sep-16 19:31:17

Bath has got good information on last admitted distances in its admissions booklet:
(They haven't published this years yet, but it should be soon). It looks like last year everyone in the parish got in, but that was unusual.

St Stephens is up a honking great hill from Forrester area - have you ever walked it? Consider Bathampton, St Andrews, and actually Widcombe from there.

I know about some of the above schools and have a child just started at one of them - PM me if you want to know more.

Madcats Sun 18-Sep-16 17:09:24

On the plus side, Bath has great schools (or should I say "outstanding")!
Your scope for choice is driven by the number of parents that chose to have kids that year, trumped by siblings. The link above gives you a clue how that might vary. Go to open days (coming soon) and ask or phone.

Are you hoping for reception or mid-school?

Bath has a lot of good independent schools too and there is a lot of transferring around and in/out over the years, especially yr3+ (with 2 universities it is inevitable that there is a bit of movement each year as familes of academics come and go as well as families sitting on waiting lists ).

Bathmums is a good place to ask. There is a massive house-buildling programme underway at the moment (old MoD sites and city brownfield) but I am not sure when the new schools are planned to start admitting

Widcombe (parish and Infants school) are lovely, BTW

DougieHaths Mon 19-Sep-16 08:51:00

@madcats thanks - yes I crossposted on Bathmums too! My children are v young, 10m and nearly 3, so it would be reception. I'm hearing fewer positive things about Widcombe Juniors than the infants, but it's v hard for me to judge what setting would be right for my child when they haven't even attended any form of childcare yet. Am hoping with the change of head that Juniors gets some more positive reviews soon.

I've basically written off Bathwick, as an adamant non-church goer. The uncertainty over where we'd get a place seems a bit too great.

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