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Moving to Trowbridge

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winstone Mon 12-Sep-16 15:44:11


We're moving to Trowbridge (from London) in the next couple of months with a newborn and her 2 year old sister. Friends who know the area better than us keep warning us that it's not a great place to move to, but it ticks lots of boxes for us (not too rural but close to lovely countryside, affordable houses, good nurseries, nice park, decent transport links and not overly posh).

We've found a great house to buy but could someone offer some reassurance that we're not making some huge mistake??! And any advice about things to do with the kids, groups to join etc, would also be much appreciated...


P1nkP0ppy Mon 12-Sep-16 16:56:21

Personally I wouldn't want to live there (I live in a village closer to Bath).
I prefer Devizes and would happily move there but definitely not Trowbridge, Chippenham or Melksham.

winstone Tue 09-May-17 21:47:20

I just wanted to update on my original post... We moved from Walthamstow to Trowbridge a few months ago and we love it here! When we were researching the town as a place to move to we really couldn't find many positive comments, so I wanted to rectify that and give you a brief list of the things we love so far smile

1. There are some beautiful houses, ranging from huge detached mansions, large Victorian semis and pretty terraces. Yes, there are some less pretty housing estates, but no worse than in any other town. The town centre is full of really lovely architecture.

2. Some brilliant resources. To name a few - plenty of big name shops and restaurants; an excellent new library hosting loads of regular sessions for kids; library is housed in a newly renovated County Hall and includes a nice cafe inside the amazing glass atrium; great town park and playground; new complex of Odeon cinema, civic centre, restaurants (M&S Foodhall opening soon); theatre; Wiltshire Rural Music School (where you can hire instruments); Drawing Projects UK (beautiful exhibition space, artists studios and cafe); Trowbridge Arts (arts centre housed in the amazing former town hall); Hope Nature Centre (animal park with trampolines, play areas, mini golf and cafe); Southwick Country Park.....

3. Excellent transport links - regular trains takes <20 mins to Bath, 25 mins to Bristol, <20 to Frome, <5 to Bradford on Avon, as well as direct trains to London, Swindon, Portsmouth, Gloucester, Cardiff and even Brighton! Good local buses too.

4. Exciting developments ahead - a huge complex of listed factory buildings in the centre of town is soon to be developed (see Innox Mills), hopefully to include some good leisure facilities as well as housing. Trowbridge Museum has just had planning permission granted to expand. There also seems to be a blossoming arts community here - as well as the arts centre and exhibition space, there's a monthly artists' cafe are life drawing classes, poetry gatherings and more!

5. It's still (relatively) cheap! Yes, Frome has turned into a trendy Hackney enclave with great independent shops and cafes (which admittedly Trowbridge is crying out for), and yes Bradford on Avon is more chocolate box pretty (and incidentally a 5 min drive away)... ...but we were able to buy a huge semi detached house on a lovely leafy road for almost half what it would have cost in either of those places.

So in a nutshell, if you're thinking about a move to the West Country, I can wholeheartedly give an encouraging thumbs up to Trowbridge!!

errorofjudgement Mon 29-May-17 08:43:03

Hi Winstone so great to hear your positive review. We moved to Trowbridge 15 years ago from a much "naicer" part of Wiltshire, and it's honestly been great. So much more for the DC to do and get involved, great transport links - particularly by train, & lovely people.

GlendaIO Fri 29-Dec-17 22:38:24

Hello Winstone, thank you for your lovely post. We just moved two days ago from Berkshire, how hard it is at the beginning! OMG! Where and where is the monthly artist cafe? I would appreciate any further suggestions considering I have two beautiful princesses aged 3and 6 willing to explore. Thank you

FifiMac13 Sun 11-Feb-18 18:03:46

Hello, Thank you for your lovely positive post about Trowbridge! I'm so pleased to hear that things are working out for you. We moved here from London 15 years ago. Yes, there are negative aspects to the town, as there are everywhere, but we have made a happy and successful life here. I'm a published writer, currently working one day a week as writer in residence in a school in Bath. Over the years, I've always been able to find suitable, interesting part-time work that has allowed me to pursue my writing (it doesn't pay very much) and to bring up my children. My husband works in IT - he usually commutes to London Monday - Thursday (one downside of moving here was that he couldn't find local work that paid well enough). Our children are now 18 and 17. They both went to local schools and our daughter is now at Oxford University studying English (she went to St Augustine's) and our son is studying for a BTEC at Bath College (He has ten GCSEs from St A's). We have taken full advantage of the library, the Music School in Gloucester Road, the Museum, the playing parks and a much bigger and nicer house than we could have afforded elsewhere. Now, I love Drawing Projects (in Bridge House by the station) and arts events at the Town Hall. I echo all that you've said in your post, it was so good to read what you've written!

PNGirl Sun 25-Feb-18 13:12:11

I've lived in Trowbridge for 10 years. In 2013 we bought a brand new 4 bed townhouse for £170k in the town centre. We can both commute inside 40 minutes. What's not to love!

MichiM00 Sun 25-Feb-18 21:35:05

We’ve viewed a property in Trowbridge today we love. But just read really bad feedback about ASBO’s, high crime rate, Chav City etc. We would be moving from Berkshire and have a 2 year old. This is all sadly putting us off!

FifiMac13 Mon 12-Mar-18 21:39:46

Today Trowbridge is featured in an online article at The London Economic - 'The 10 best up and coming places to live in the UK' (search for it online). Trowbridge is right next door (five minutes away) from Bradford on Avon and only 20 minutes from Bath. Of course it is looked down on by those places and it is scruffier, and there is a mix of people here. It is brilliant to read positive comments in this thread, so please don't be put off by negative ones.

Ladykittyvanmeowson Sat 01-Sep-18 17:52:30


I know this post is quite old but I was excited to find people on here that live in Trowbridge.
I moved here from Devizes coming up almost years ago when my little boy was 12 weeks old. Fast forward to now and I have another little boy and I honestly don’t know where the time has gone!
Anyways I’m writing because I don’t have any friends over this way and it’s getting quite lonely being a mum of two under 2 years. We go to one baby group but I find it really hard to speak to other mums because they are all in groups already. Does anyone know of any groups for mums to meet other mums?
Tia xx

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