Roofing Company Solicitors offering compensation

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lilacgirl Fri 09-Sep-16 16:33:27

On the off chance this has happened to anyone else around Berkshire area. My parents had their roof repaired (can't remember exactly when) but within the last 2 years. No problems with it, then out of the blue a solicitor calls them saying the roofing company have gone bust and they may be in-line for some compensation if the job wasn't done properly! A surveyor is coming to inspect the work and then it will be inspected again in a year's time. I don't know anymore than that other than if they are due any compensation the solicitor will take 10%! I immediately thought - scam! I don't know the name of the solicitor or roofing company to google them. They were given an 0800 telephone number which mum has called back and spoke with the same lady who made the original call - that, of course, doesn't mean it's genuine. I'm worried they'll be promised money, hand over their bank details then find their account empty next time they look. Or am I being over cautious?

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