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Jumble trail in SW18 Sunday 9th October - sell from a FREE stall in your front garden

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FaircatchGuy Wed 07-Sep-16 09:28:08

A jumble trail is like a collective "yard sale" where everyone in a small area brings their unwanted stuff out into their front gardens on a particular day to sell to neighbours and visitors. I am now organizing one in SW18 on October 9th 11-4pm. We visited one in West Norwood earlier this year and got tonnes of good toys and clothes for the kids for pennies but more importantly it was great to see streets closed off to cars to become play streets, neighbours and visitors chatting away over a beer, and there was a really sweet sense of community that is all too rare in London. The web site publishes a map of all the households participating, so as a visitor, you can plan a route round as many as you can manage. We've got a cellar full of stuff we need to sell or give away and this seems like a much better solution than getting up at 6am to do a boot sale! Usually there's a small fee for each household participating but on this occasion, it's being sponsored by Recycle for London, so it's free. Please sign up at or watch the video here Any questions email Thanks, Guy

FaircatchGuy Sat 10-Sep-16 14:27:26

Up to nearly 20 stalls now. If anyone is keen to do a Jumble Trail in your area, pop over to meet us at 80 Geraldine road on the 9th October and we'll give you some tips on promoting it...

FaircatchGuy Wed 21-Sep-16 14:00:40

Morning all, great news, the West Side Church on Melody Road (SW18 2QQ) have very kindly offered to host anyone wishing to participate in our Jumble trail but who doesn't have a front garden or lives outside the area. You will need to email with your phone number, full address and postcode - drop a £3 refundable deposit round to me at 80 Geraldine road and you will have a spot reserved. You may need to bring a fold-out table (tbc). The Church will be available 12.30 til 4pm on the Sunday 9th October and you'll need to take everything home with you. There are about 15 places so be quick! Please share this link on your Facebook page to help us get more stalls registered and make this a great event.

FaircatchGuy Wed 28-Sep-16 10:39:56

Up to 52 stalls now. If you're outside the area or don't have a front garden, then West Side Church have kindly offered to host stalls from 12.30-4. Please see the post on our FB page for instructions on how to apply, no £3 deposit required Let's get it to 100!

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