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bronzefeathers Wed 07-Sep-16 08:41:47

Morning all. Me, my husband, sprog and dog will shortly be relocating up to Maryport. My husband's Mum was born and grew up in the town, and he still has family in and around the area. We will be moving from Brighton where we have lived for almost 12 years. To be honest I have never really enjoyed living in Brighton - much to people's surprise. I am feeling a little nervous about the move, slightly worried about being an off-comer and was wondering if there might be a friendly soul in Maryport who fancied a cup of tea or coffee sometime? Or even just some suggestions of places to go/things to do with a two year old would be most welcome! Many Thanks in advance : )

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bakingmad83 Tue 18-Oct-16 22:54:14

Hello! It's months since I checked the local bit of mumsnet, so just seen your post. I don't live in Maryport, I'm south of Whitehaven, but have visited a couple of times. We moved over here from the northeast 4 years ago. There's the aquarium and swimming pool (and for a little older a climbing wall centre) in Maryport and in Workington a few miles away there is Jump Mania trampoline centre that does toddler sessions, as well as several soft play centres. It's nice up the coast towards Silloth if you want a little trip out in the car (there's also a farm park called Gincase nearby) or you can get the train along the coast to the south to places like St Bees, Seascale or Ravenglass. Even just a wander round the harbour/marina or along the prom in Maryport is nice. As far as toddler groups go, I don't know much on that front, but they do toddler football classes in Seaton not too far away from Maryport and there's also a craft/creative activity group nearby if your little one is into that sort of thing. Hope I'm not just repeating what you've already found out yourself. Good luck with your move!

bronzefeathers Thu 20-Oct-16 09:00:05

Hello bakingmad83*!Thank You so much for your reply and suggestions - most appreciated! The trampoline centre sounds great - will definitely check that out! I have heard St Bees is lovely and am looking forward to exploring the coastline. The toddler football classes in Seaton sound great too - my little boy often tries to join in with older children in the park who are playing football so he would probably really enjoy that. The craft/creative group sounds promising too. I have been trying to research activities and things to do as much as possible but it's a little difficult living so far away and not knowing the area at all, so I'm very grateful for your suggestions and look forward to checking them out once we are up there. Hoping we will move before Christmas - feel very much in limbo at the moment and just kind of want to get there and settled in now! Hope all is well with you and Thanks again smile

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bakingmad83 Mon 24-Oct-16 21:57:20

You're welcome, glad those suggestions were useful. Hopefully you'll get along to some of the groups and places in the new year smile I was the same before we moved, just wanted to get over here. Didn't have a little one when we moved over, but feel I now actually have more of a social life from going to toddler groups and activities smile

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