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Im a newbie!! Looking for local toddler stuff!

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RachaelFinley Fri 02-Sep-16 09:02:49

Hello! I've just moved to Ayr (just next to Newton-on-Ayr train stn, and I'm looking for some local classes/groups/meet ups for myself and my little boy. I've moved from fife so I'm a distance away on friends and family and I really don't know the area too well...would like to find classes in prestwick or Ayr as I can easily access both. My son is 21 months and is very active!! We've enquired about creation station already and I'd like to start swimming lessons too. I'll be off work on Tuesday's and Friday's so those days are best for us. I'm also keen to get to know some people myself too, although we've only been here 2-3 weeks, I'm already missing my social life!!
Any help/advice is much appreciated!
Thanks so much!
Rachael & Finley

Popkins Fri 05-May-17 20:22:21

Hello! Just seen this post had no replies.. I think this local board is very slow!!
I am in Troon so can't advise too much on classes in Prestwick but just wanted to see if you had settled in well and got into some things?
I'm always up for meeting for coffee if you are still looking for people to meet.. I remember how hard it is when you first move.. I moved to Troon from Edinburgh 5 years ago and though it was tough at first I love living in Troon now and wouldn't change it!

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