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King's and Thornden Comprehensives

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NMMB Thu 01-Sep-16 16:49:23

Hello! I am a (mature) PhD student researching comprehensive schooling and would like to hear from a parent with a child at a Hampshire comprehensive. The two schools with which I am familiar are King's and Thornden comprehensives – but please feel free to get in touch if your experience is of another, equally good, comprehensive. I am interested to know if you would recommend comprehensive education and why, with your reasons (or, if you would recommend your chosen school to another parent, and why).

My research forms part of some voluntary work for an educational charity comparing the benefits of an inclusive (comprehensive) education system with that which features selection by 11+ and grammar schools. I am calling out to Hampshire parents because Hampshire boasts some of the country's best comprehensives – you are doing something right in Hampshire, and I am excited to know more!

CFmum2 Sat 03-Sep-16 10:42:09

If you DM me and send a link to your research proposal I can have a look & if seems appropriate, can send it to some other local mum friends. My kids go to a local good comprehensive, and am happy to answer questions.

Have you thought of contacting the schools and asking them to put link in their newsletters? In our area we have Wyvern, Thorden, Toynbee, crestwood, kings, Mountbatten secondary schools.

Talkinpeace Wed 21-Sep-16 21:56:14

Mine have gone beyond Secondary now - one at Symonds, one at Uni
but other Hampshire Comp parents on the "Secondary Education" board include Draylon, TeenandTween and a couple of others on the A level class size thread

am happy to participate

seethestars Fri 16-Dec-16 17:59:50

I realise this is old but... aren't Kings and Thornden fairly bad examples of good comprehensive schools in that both cater to very expensive areas of housing so while they are theoretically comprehensive there is a considerable price premium you need to pay to get into catchment? Surely a good school in a more mixed catchment would be a better example? Only one I can suggest is Bitterne Park in Southampton but Im sure they are lots around.

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