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DH starting new job in Alloa - advice on where to live please!

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msksquared Wed 27-Jul-16 12:00:06

DH just found out he may be starting a new role in Alloa. We are wondering where to live. We have two DSs both in primary school (7 and 10). They are going to find moving traumatic, so we really want to make the right choice now so we don't have to do it again!!! hmm

I was thinking of Dunblane or Linlithgow... But mainly as I know a few folk there and I know the schools are good. We are looking for good state schools - can't afford private - and we need after school/holiday provision. Linlithgow is really expensive of course, not sure we can afford it...

I will need to find a new job in the medium term so will need to be able to commute - potentially - to Edin or Glasgow although if I could find a job in Stirling that would obv be better.

DH is English and I am Scottish but been out of Scotland for years now. We have lived in different countries and really want to be somewhere that's a bit cosmopolitan and open.

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

Abbeyandteal Wed 27-Jul-16 22:07:12


What about looking at Bridge of Allan. I can't speak for it being open and cosmopolitan but it has good rail links with Edinburgh and Glasgow so is a good commuter town. Having the university on the doorstep helps broaden the horizons a little a bit as well.

msksquared Wed 27-Jul-16 23:14:23

Thanks. I wondered about that - wasn't sure which secondary school catchment it would be in. It also is on the expensive side, but not more so than the other places. I've not been there. Is it nice?

Abbeyandteal Wed 27-Jul-16 23:27:21

It's a wee spa town with plenty of shops to keep you busy and well within easy reaches of Stirling, dunblane and the surrounding areas depending on what suits you.

Wallace high school is the local secondary school. It is a true comprehensive and does a huge amount to suit every aspect of its catchment. Bridge of Allan ps is perfectly good. There are lots of very good primary schools and secondaries within easy drive if those don't suit.

BoA is pricey but a nice place to be. the hill foots will give you a huge amount of bang for your buck and the schools are typically good.

However, no rail links and not all that much going on

msksquared Wed 27-Jul-16 23:55:01

Thanks so much for that! We will definitely take a look. Not worried about primary schools really - I am sure they are all perfectly good. Great to hear that Wallace HS is a good school though.

poppyknot Fri 29-Jul-16 14:31:54

Dunblane schools good, both primary and secondary where DDs are now. Funnily enough Dh English and me Scottish having been away for years when we came here.
Near Uni of Stirling so more cosmopolitan than it might be.
Good vibe in town for young especially around Dunblane Centre.

soontobeslendergirl Fri 29-Jul-16 21:37:52

I'm in the catchment for Wallace but Dss go to Dunblane so you have options. Bus service between BofA and Dunblane has been pulled though we didn't use it anyway so if you were considering that option I'd look to be nearish the train station. Service is frequent enough between BofA and Dunblane. i think it's the luck of the draw in Wallace tbh. Although it's newish headmaster has turned a lot around. There is definitely more LLD in Wallace. We had bullying issues in primary that wiped it out as an option for us.

What type of work would you be looking for?

msksquared Mon 01-Aug-16 17:23:46

thanks for these - v helpful... I wasn't sure if you could get into Dunblane HS from outside catchment - it's expensive to live there for sure. Work - well, I am not sure what my options will look like. I have been working in international charities for years now and there aren't many of those in Scotland... I anyway would like a change so will need to start looking around.

soontobeslendergirl Mon 01-Aug-16 17:55:19

No-one has failed to get a space in Dunblane from outwith catchment at least since my eldest went 5 years ago. They were actively looking for out of catchment pupils a few years ago and probably still are. The council website will say differently but I know 5 people who applied this year and all got in.

msksquared Tue 09-Aug-16 22:35:35

Wow, soontobeslendergirl, that is useful to know. There are so few houses affordable in Dunblane good to know we could be fruther away...

soontobeslendergirl Wed 10-Aug-16 10:32:33

Yes, you just need to bear in mind transport. There are a fair few taxis doing pick up when I am there but presume these must be parent organised/paid for? There is a school bus for those living in Catchment but over the allowed walking distance, other pupils on the route are not allowed to use and pay for this bus. Transport options are really just the train or driving yourself/organising a taxi. There is no safe cycle route from Stirling/Bofa imo. I wouldn't have my children cycling up the A9 and trying to negotiate the Keir roundabout. There is a small local bus that runs between Kinbuck and Bannockburn, but this doesn't really run at a suitable time as I think it's aimed to get people into Stirling for 9am and not the other way around smile There are a fair few pupils that travel in from BofA (I end up in a convoy from the car park most days) and general locale and I think a few from Doune, I end up in a convoy from the car park most days. I also know of a family who travel in from Perth everyday!

Good luck with it all and if you want any further info, feel free to send me a PM. Believe me, I've looked at all travel options!

soontobeslendergirl Wed 10-Aug-16 10:39:27

If you are looking to live in Stirling itself, Stirling High is also highly rated but the most varied area to live in terms of mixed nationalities and people types is probably around Riverside. Some of the new estates which are on the sites of the old schools before they knocked them down and rebuilt them might be mixed too though. Our estate is very mixed but we are close enough for Uni staff etc to be living here, also new build. Riverside area would also be in the Wallace catchment though, so if you wanted Stirling high it would also be a placing request, although you'd be near enough Stirling train station for the train to Dunblane too so that's another option. If you look at Riverside, just be careful how close to the river you are from a flooding perspective.

Kirst412 Mon 22-Aug-16 16:12:31

Cambusbarron is lovely, great school and catchment to Stirling high and easy to commute to either Edinburgh or Glasgow. Not sure I'd want to live in clocks although the house prices are much lower, living in Stirling is fab. Close to kings park, the castle and town (I'm in Torbrex which is lovely too)
Take a look at houses then the areas they are in. No matter where you choose (Stirling/boa/dunblane) you'll enjoy it

msksquared Mon 22-Aug-16 16:43:33

Thanks Kirst412. We've been a bit shocked by the house prices in Dunblane in general, so maybe it's worth spreading the net to Stirling, if Stirling High is a reasonable school... I'll take a bit more of a look. We've ruled out Linlithgow - went on Saturday and really didn't like the town.

msksquared Mon 22-Aug-16 16:46:24

Thanks also for all those tips, @soontobeslendergirl, really helpful... Feeling a bit of cold feet right now as where we live is nice and cheaper houses... DS the elder is v upset that we are moving :-(

soontobeslendergirl Mon 22-Aug-16 20:42:01

Stirling High was our next pick if we didn't get into Dunblane. Areas suggested by Kirst are all good too.

Do't get cold feet, it's bound to be unsettling for everybody, but it is a great place to live. Is your DS into anything in particular? I'm sure there will be a club or class or something that will be right up his street and I am happy to pass on any info - there is very little that my DSs haven't tried over the years smile

msksquared Mon 22-Aug-16 22:32:25

Ah thank you! Feeling a wee bit better about it all tonight! DS is pretty keen on cricket right now (that well known scottish sport haha) and I see there is an active junior club in Stirling so that looks good.

Granny23 Sun 02-Apr-17 13:26:18

Don't discount Clackmannanshire out of hand as it is much cheaper to buy a house there than in or around Stirling (city prices). I live in Menstrie, with the hills outside my back gate and views of Wallace's Monument and Stirling Castle from the front. Ten minutes into Stirling and 5 minutes to the McRobert arts centre and massive sports centre at the University. Many students and Staff from the UNi choose to live in the Hillfoots - easy journey to work and much lower prices even in the shops/ garages, hairdressers etc. My DDs did very well at Menstrie Primary and then Alva Academy. I now have DGC at Alva Primary and Sunnyside Primary in Alloa - both excellent schools with a surprising mix of nationalities and ethnicities. Alloa now has a train station with links direct to Glasgow and change at Stirling for everywhere else. Also good road linkd to Edinburgh/ Falkirk/Glasgow via the Clackmannanshire Bridge. Google Clacksweb for all the local info.

Camnico Fri 28-Apr-17 10:02:36

Hey. I live in Alloa there are so many primary schools here, train station, all supermarkets you could think of just about. You have sunny side primary school, red wells, St. John's etc. Dunblane can be very pricey to live in and so can bridge of Allan. Alloa is surrounded by Menstrie, Alva, Tillicoultry, Sauchie (and more places) I would consider these places before Stirlingshire. There is a really good Bus and train service going out of clacks

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