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Recommended safe/reliable Taxi service Weymouth

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Roadrunner2016 Thu 14-Jul-16 08:58:40

Hi There
my teenage kids and their friends are going on a PGL holiday at Osmington bay. They are old enough for me to put them on a train in London and they will travel to Weymouth independently. However in previous years I have paid £35 each child for a PGL team member to collect them at the station but to be honest this year I am confident they are perfectly capable of navigating their way to a waiting taxi at the station. Can anyone recommend a local taxi service who are reliable/honest. There are 5 of them together and a load of kit so they will need either 2 taxi's or a people carrier. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 15-Jul-16 07:15:50

Weyline taxis are your best bet, hope they have fun at PGL

LordTrash Fri 15-Jul-16 15:34:29

I second 'Weyline taxis treble seven treble seven', as the local radio jingle goes. Have used them for years with no problem.

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