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pregnant and lonely

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bluebird90 Thu 07-Jul-16 11:05:21


I'm 18 weeks pregnant, the father isn't involved and most of my friends have other lives and dont want to hear about baby talk.

Anyone in the corby area looking to meet up?

OneEpisode Thu 07-Jul-16 22:01:33

I'm neither, pregnant nor in Corby.
But I thought you might like a bump. When I was pregnant, I went to pregnant yoga and pregnant splash-exercise. I don't knew if those are still a thing? Once baby was born I met other new mums at health visitor weigh-ins, places like that. It was actually fairly easy to meet people, like we were all starting a new school at the same time and all looking for friends....
IYou don't need allies, you can do it on your own, but I do hope you find some soon.,

OneEpisode Thu 07-Jul-16 22:03:20

Sorry I'm tired.
I totally missed the double meaning in "bump". Congratulations on your baby bump and I hope this bump, on your thread helps...

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