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Millfields Community School or Rushmore Primary School-Clapton

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Booboo1979 Tue 28-Jun-16 12:04:12

Hi there

Can any parents with kids at either school give me an overview of what they like and dislike about the schools, are they creative and successful?

Thanks for any comments in advance

Hellosunshine1 Mon 17-Apr-17 12:38:24

Also interested in this - which one did you go for @Booboo1979?

user1498854363 Wed 09-Aug-17 19:32:56

I believe both are good, we are at millfields. Love the 'community' aspect and inclusive nature of the school. I think Rushmore has more middle class families (from what I notice about who goes where..). Millfields has great after school activities (important for me at the time). Great teachers at millfields, wonderful Head. Great help for dc e.g. Senco, speech n Language, etc But really for me it's all about how it feels for you and dc when you go/visit. My dc loves millfields. 😀

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