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tips for things to do in York

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BeccaS82 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:10:41


We are moving to York from London in a month to be closer to my step children. We are all very excited and want to give them a great summer. In London they like the usual parks, swimming etc and they love the museums. Can anyone recommend things to do and if possible the best swimming pool for kids (we don't have a car). Kids are 8,7 and 4


charleydingle3005 Sat 25-Jun-16 11:19:47

There's tonnes to do with children in York!!
York dungeons
Castle museum
Yorvik centre

These are just a few but there is always things going on at the weekends for kiddies and also surrounding places just a short drive or bus journey away are fantastic! You won't regret the move!

Toryork Sat 25-Jun-16 21:20:18

When you come to York. Go to the library and register for a York card. It will get you into the minster and museums free as well as other benefits. It costs £5 a year but it is so worth it. There is a trampoline park which is fab as well as a high wire park and other activities. There are some great parks. rowntrees park has a great playground and festivals. There are great bus services to most areas, and it is easy to hop on the train to scarborough if you fancy the seaside. I hope you like York, it is a fab place

SunshineOutdoors Sun 26-Jun-16 19:11:21

Museums no longer free but if you have a York card (a fiver a year, gets you lots of discounts) then you can pay a tenner a year for entry to the castle museum, the Yorkshire museum and the art gallery. All of these are good, and under 16s are free.

Best parks imo are Rowntrees, Homestead and West Bank.

If you are nt members Goddards has great house and gardens.

If you like cycling, have a look at the planets cycle route, it's great fun.

Minster is free if you bring proof of address that you are a York resident.

I like the swimming pool at Energise in Acomb. You may be able to get a bus there. David Lloyd gym one is also good and York Sports Village too.

There's often good stuff going on in the centre of town. It's great to just watch the street performers and sometimes there's events on Parliament Street.

SunshineOutdoors Sun 26-Jun-16 19:12:09

Whereabouts are you moving to?

BeccaS82 Sun 26-Jun-16 19:58:30

Thanks so much for your tips- much appreciated! We have just secured a house on prices road so getting very excited now. Will look into the york card. We are very excited and will only be an hour from the kids rather than 5 hours so very happy to see them more again!
Thanks again!

SunshineOutdoors Sun 26-Jun-16 21:54:04

Do you mean price's lane? If so I think you're in the best bit of York. You've got bishy road shops with great places to eat and a lovely sense of community. Rowntrees park is on your doorstep and town extremely close.

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