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New to Colchester - help pls!

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minismarties Wed 22-Jun-16 23:17:19

Hi, needing some general advice with area in Colchester, if anybody knows the area well? Esp if its any good for young family (with two girls 3, 6). I’d looked into Lexden and St Mary but priced out, my budget max 190k, I was wondering what’s the outskirt of New Town like, in particular side streets of Military Road e.g Winnock Rd/kendall rd, Golden Noble Hill/ mill st, Mersea Rd/ cromwell rd/ Fairfax Rd/ Lucas Rd. I’ve chosen these as hubby needs to be close to station. Many thanks in advance. smile

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Thu 23-Jun-16 16:59:37

Have you looked at the are around Marks Tey station just outside of Colchester?

dillydo Thu 23-Jun-16 23:28:44

Hi there!
I live in the Hythe....which is v close to new town. So.... I do think that Colchester has a lot to offer young families....there are events and things to do going on most weekends....the firstsite gallery has free activities and films for kids every weekend..there are lots of play groups, etc to go to in the area also. The town centre park is gorgeous, as it the recreation ground park..which is in the centre of new town. The surrounding coast is lovley, as are the many woods in the locality.
Schools are variable..some excellent, others not so much. When we bought in the hythe we checked the local schools and liked them all, but when Dd started in reception we did not get a place in any of our local schools due too demand/over crowding and have ended up with one a short car ride away..however, this has actually worked out well as the school is excellent and DD is v happy.
There are many families with young children in Colchester, and generally I think it is a friendly place to be.
Having lived here much of my life, I do think that I am becoming more aware of an increase in anti social behaviour....but that may also be because I am becoming more of an old gimmer!
If you tired looking a bit furhte out of the town centre I think you would ger somewhere quietr..not too far from a station and nearer better schools...prettygate, Maldon road (although pricey), shrub end, stanway.
good luck!

minismarties Sun 26-Jun-16 21:35:40

hi, thank you for both inputs, in view of the Brexit we will wait and see if we can get more for money?

Twine88 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:02:55


If you will be looking for an in year school place and don't want to travel to get to a school, I would suggest first contacting Essex County Council to see what schools have places. Lots of schools here oversubscribed.
Good luck.

Twine88 Mon 27-Jun-16 13:18:00

With regard to brexit and house prices, it would be hard to say. In the short term I doubt much will change.

Pre brexit Prices in east anglia were being predicted to exceed the national average for the next few years, mainly due to its easy access to London. And in Colchester demand seems to outstrip supply, particularly in the most popular/desirable parts of town.

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