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Cheam or Elstree School

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Blonds Mon 20-Jun-16 19:05:16

Looking to send my DS to pre prep in September, has anyone got any feedback on the above two schools, we can't decide which one to go for. Many thanks

Hantsmum68 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:21:26

Cheam recently got new head, previous one was class act, the school was and is outstanding, have a daughter there who is flying when wasn't before.

Elstree has safe guarding issues. Friend last year had to move their boy because of something in the dorms and another friend this year; on neither occasion did they investigate properly, head in sand stuff, could be harbouring all sorts and they wouldn't know.

Mumofstars Wed 09-Aug-17 16:51:57

Hi Blonds,

Which school did you go for in the end. Im an trying to make a decision as well on cheam or elstree. Thanks

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