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Boys boarding schools - advice pelase

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JudeN3 Tue 14-Jun-16 17:40:20

Hi, can anyone advice about boys baording schools for an overseas 15 year old looking for some stability and good care. My cousins are looking at Old Swinford v Harefield Academy v Royal Alexander v The Wellington. Does anyone have any experience of these schools and what they offer?

iiiiii Sat 06-May-17 16:31:36

I would not recommend boarding school to anyone you love.

StarsAndMarsBars Sat 06-May-17 16:36:30

Oh for heavens sake! The OP didn't ask for a debate on boarding school. You've put this one a local board when I think you'll get a much better response under the 'education' or 'secondary education' topic. If you people some sense of the boy they will be better able to guide you.

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