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Rockport school

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Apollo9 Fri 10-Jun-16 10:47:35

Hey there,

Although I saw the other conversation about Campbell and Rockport, I didn't want to hijack. We will be moving from abroad in the near future and are interested in feedback from anyone with experience of Rockport. Our DD is seven and Rockport seems similar in profile to her current school although it may be less academic-I am not sure. However, at the primary level it seems to be quite good and since we will be returning home for her secondary education, it may not be an issue.
Do any of you guys have anything to say about Rockport? Are the kids happy there? Do they get into their choice of secondary school? What have your heard about their methods? Any info would be great.
Thanks guys!

belmontian Wed 12-Jul-17 12:43:46

Slightly late to the table but I went to school with a few girls who had been in Rockport and IIRC they had to stay in school until after 5 o'clock to do homework. It has a high Forces pupilage too. A friend of mines dd did not do well in AQE so rather than send her to a 'high' school she is breaking her neck in paying the rather expensive fees. In honesty OP I think if you can get your dc into a good primary school you would be mad to spend this money, unless the 'exclusive' bit is important. It is NI's only independent school.

EighteenGT Wed 24-Jan-18 21:32:30

Hi there, I am curious at the wether you went for Rockport or not, and how your daughter is enjoying it?

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