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[Council made an error on my child's school admission]

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anniehes Wed 08-Jun-16 12:38:42

Do apologies my English which isn't my first language.
I am about to attend 'Appeal' for my child's school admission for reception.
She is due to start reception in Sep 2016 but I have not received any info or letter from council nor from nursery and of course being non British parent I am not familiar with education system.

I found out I was 'too late' for school admission because another mum who has a child similar age to my girl casually asked which school did my little girl has place for September in early May.
I wasn't sure whether I suppose to wait longer or not as my Girl's 4th birthday was 25th May.
I called the Shropshire council admission team, and they asked child's DOB, they replied 'oh, she is not appeared on our system' I asked where they collect the data from and answer was from registered GP.
I am with same doctor for 3 years, so I called GP straight away and of course they have her name on their system.

Nonetheless, after I dropped the submission form in person(council took it as late submission), now my girl offered place different to her siblings which is ofsted grade 3 school!
The Shropshire council display information for appeal and written if you are not happy with school you have been offered and has sibling that going to different school, then you can find alternative school that has vacancy for both of your children.
I am speechless that how council can tell me that take the child who already have settled out of the school then put into school that has poor quality!

I understand reception class has government restrict of class size of 30, St, Giles has 23 pupils per class per teacher at the moment.

My question is is there any chance, council will accept their error and offer place for my girl? do you see the strong case for my girl?

Some might question you have more than one child who already in school how could you not known the correct admission date?, Yes you could argue that but I always good with dealing with paper works as long as it comes in on time. I have never failed anything. I do my best to read and understand fully before I write to them but this is not the case as I have not received anything. I have no friends no family here in UK as had abusive relationship which just ended isn't much of help.

Please could anyone give me any advise to win this case?

SouthShropshireLass Wed 08-Jun-16 21:52:56

Sorry to hear that, that must be worrying for you.

I don't have any advice, I'm afraid. I agree that it doesn't make sense to take your other child out of school.

I do hope the council admit their mistake. Can the school help you at all?

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