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toyab Fri 03-Jun-16 10:30:09


New to netmums and would love some mummy friends that understand where you are at!

I have a boy and girl aged 6 & 18mnths. Would love to meet other moms - kids similar age or not.

Message me :-)

Fazzz Fri 15-Jul-16 18:32:42

I m mum of a boy n girl age 2 & 6 mnths looking for some friends I live locally and would like to make friends
Message me 😊

toyab Sat 16-Jul-16 14:51:15

Hi Fazz,
How you doing? Thanks for replying. Sure...would love to meet up xx

toyab Sat 16-Jul-16 14:51:53

Where abouts are you living and when are you available?

Taskinasultan Thu 15-Dec-16 22:50:36

Hi, I am a new mom of one little boy... Don't have many friends who are moms and it's getting too much for me! I jam also suffering from post natal depression and would like to meet some local moms for some talk and advice! It's a big shock to my system and would like a like minded mom to have a chat!! Is there anyone please!hmm

Emese84f Tue 07-Nov-17 15:11:06

Im surfing here on netmums snd sas you post. I do hope you are both fine!!!! Xxx

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