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Breast Milk Donation!

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AmandaAuer Wed 01-Jun-16 01:08:32

Hi Ladies,
I'm an American visitor to England here for a week but I've left my little 10-month-old baby back in the states. I've been pumping while away and would love to donate/give my milk to a family in need who could use it. Would anyone be interested? Pickup timeline is tight; Friday is a must, sometime around/before 12pm. smile Let me know! I'm staying in London near Victoria Station.

Melty Wed 01-Jun-16 03:31:52

Have you considered the local NICU?
You could perhaps contact Chelsea & Westminster hospital.
I'm not sure what the rules are about donation, but one of my friends donated after her girls were born.

KP86 Wed 01-Jun-16 05:02:43

Find the local Human Milk 4 Human Babies Facebook page and offer your donation there. I'm sure someone will snap it up!

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