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Dunalley Primary / Pitville Secondary & Pitville as an area for families..???

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Smeggle81 Thu 26-May-16 13:19:52


We've been renting in Leckhampton for the last six months (first time living in cheltenham) and are now finally in a position to buy in Cheltenham after selling our old house. We are looking for a family home potentially a forever home too and will be stretching as much as we can afford. We have quite a healthy budget however the houses we can afford don't get us as much space as we'd like for an expanding family and dogs so...

My husband loves Pitville. I only really know the park. We have a young daughter (8 months) and I'm worried about schools. We plan to have more kids.

Does anyone know what Dunalley is like? Is it on the up? How about Pitville secondary? Some of the threads here say to avoid the PItville secondary catchment area and look elsewhere but they're now quite old and I've heard that the school is getting better? Also is Pitville a nice place to live? I know its very pretty but is it family friendly? Are there any family friendly pubs/coffee shops? The place we've been looking at is on Prestbury road I think its on the edge of PItville/Whaddon border.

Any advice on PItville, schools round there and what life is like would be great. We've been totally spoilt renting in Leckhampton and I know the schools here are amazing which is where I thought we'd be sending her until we started looking at house prices here!

Thank you!

Ledkr Thu 26-May-16 14:41:33

Personally if I had the money I'd find a better area but I think by the time you need a secondary school things will have changed drastically with all secondary schools and I believe pitville to be well and truly on the up.
Primary schools are all pretty good aren't they? Have you looked at the ofsted reports?
Pitville is certainly very pretty and handy for town.

CheltGlosLocal Mon 19-Sep-16 13:00:11

My daughter has just left Pittville School to go to 6th form, she thoroughly enjoyed her time there and left with some very good GCSE's. Since starting at Cleeve 6th form we have realised just how good Pittville was especially with their zero tolerance policy on bullying. Just a shame it doesn't have a 6th form.
DD attended Holy Trinity Primary school which I can also recommend. I live in the Fairview area of Cheltenham

mylordhenry Sat 04-Feb-17 17:35:00

If I were thinking of schools when buying would definitely plump for Charlton Kings. Excellent schools all round.

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