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Moving to Derbyshire (just) from Notts

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bensonandhedges Sat 21-May-16 14:33:43

We're actively exploring the possibility of moving from Nottingham out to either Long Eaton or Newark. The decision has been brought about by needing to find a house more suited to our needs, which we can't possibly afford in our current area. I won't bore you with details.

The prospect of Newark warms my cockles a bit more, but the (secondary) schools really do seem to be a problem, and I have three primary age girls. Long Eaton scores better (on paper, at least) in this regard, but I'm not so attracted to it as a place. And, we have seen a really great house there.

Although we are quite old folk, we're first time buyers, and I'd just welcome some thoughts from out there about which particular bit of my instinct to trust more. So the dilemma in a nutshell is: Newark: like the place, houses not so much what we need but ok, schools dubious on paper. Long Eaton: schools ok, houses good, just don't quite love it.

Advice please!

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